How To Clean an Apartment for Moving in ?

Jan 22, 2022 | News & Tips

Apartment Cleaning Checklist – How to Clean an Apartment for Moving In?

It can be exciting to move into a new home. If you rent, remember that the house was occupied previously and was used regularly. You should also remember that new houses were built with a lot of toxic chemicals and paints. You must remember to move in , regardless of whether you’re moving into a new home or an apartment.

You might not have considered cleaning, regardless of whether you are moving in or out. Although it might not be your main concern, cleaning the rental space before you move out can help to ensure that your security deposit is returned.

During the move-in period, cleaning can be difficult. It all depends on the date of your lease and when you move in to your space. You should take a few days to inspect the apartment before you move in. If you find a problem that you did not notice during your walk-through or if there was no walk-through, contact your landlord to have it fixed before you move in.

Cleaning a new home can be stressful. We have compiled a list of things you should do before moving into your new home.

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Checklist for Cleaning Before You Move In:

  • The patio and porch should be cleaned regularly
  • Turn on the sprinklers and give your backyard a freshening up
  • Steam clean and vacuum your carpets
  • Get rid of any stains you may have.
  • You can lightly wipe the surfaces clean
  • Clean the counter tops of your kitchen
  • Towels and bathtub should be clean
  • Make sure to clean the sinks
  • Make sure to inspect the air filter and vents
  • For leaks, check faucets
  • Clean the freezer and refrigerator.
  • Clean the microwave and oven
  • To allow fresh air to enter, open a Window (weather permitting).

After you’ve done the basics, it’s time to move in your stuff. Once you have organized your space, the detailed cleaning can begin. Do not rush to do the thorough cleaning. You can tackle each room individually or just one corner/nook at the time. After you have chosen a room, think about how you will organize it and decorate it.

After-Move in Cleaning Checklist:

Start from the Top

  • From the top, clean every room Consider gravity. You can reduce the chances of dust settling on freshly vacuumed carpets if you first clean them.
  • Begin at the farthest end of the entranceway and work your way towards the door. This simple rule of apartment cleaning will ensure that you don’t walk on wet floors if it is followed correctly.

Working Towards The Door

  • Begin cleaning the area closest to the doors, and work your way towards them.
  • If you don’t want to clean your floors twice, this is a good strategy to remember.

Deep Cleaning All Closets And Shelves

  • It’s unlikely that you will ever get rid of all the clothes, accessories, and other items you have accumulated in your closets. Clean out the corners of your closet, along with its lining shelves and hanging rods. It is always better to do it once and not wonder if there was anything else.
  • It is difficult to clean shelves that are stuffed with clothes. Vinyl lining is a great option for shelves. It will keep your clothes from sliding around and make it easier to clean.

Clean the Appliances

  • Run a few cycles if you have a dishwasher. You can use vinegar on top rack and baking soda on bottom rack to get extra cleaning power. This should eliminate any unpleasant odors.
  • Clean your oven and kitchenhood. All oven racks and walls should be cleaned.
  • Clean the fridge thoroughly. To remove any odors, vinegar and baking soda are great options.

Replace the Toilet Seat

  • Toilet seats are probably the most dirty in your house. You end up spending a lot of time on them. Toilet seat covers and covers should be replaced. These covers are an affordable way to give your toilet a fresh, clean start.

Mop the Floors

  • To shine your hardwood and tile floors, use a steam mop. To give your carpets a deep clean, you can rent carpet cleaners.

Cleanse the Knobs

  • All of it, from the doorknobs to the light switches, has been touched hundreds times by previous tenants. Cleaning and disinfecting the door is therefore essential.

Clean The Kitchen

  • You will need to put extra effort into the kitchen if you want to eat healthy and eliminate any smells from your past tenants.
  • You might find stains or sticky items on your kitchen counter-tops that you need to remove to give your family a fresh start. To clean the wood surface, use a mild soap or a wooden cleaner.
  • Kitchen cabinets should also be cleaned. Use a microfiber cloth that has been soaked in detergent, vinegar, and water to wipe them both from the inside and the outside.

Check out The Garage

  • Check every corner and crevice for anything left behind by previous owners. You can give your garage a thorough clean with a water pipe.

You can hire someone to assist you with your cleaning needs. You can search for a housekeeper or a cleaner on many websites and apps.

You now have a clean house/condominium, it is time to make it your own. Get out your interior designer and make sure you decorate the space to your liking. Grab your family photos, assemble your furniture, and spray some air freshener to make your home comfortable.

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