Keep Your Home Clean to Prevent the Flu, COVID-19 and Other Diseases

Jan 30, 2022 | News & Tips

Capital Cleaning in Toronto shares some ways homeowners can prioritize effective cleaning to prevent germ spread.

There is increasing concern about COVID-19 cases, and the cold winter months bring with them an increase of seasonal viruses. It is therefore more important than ever that we keep our homes as germ-free and clean as possible. There are easy steps individuals can take to protect their family and themselves through regular cleaning and other services.

The resident cleaning expert shares some useful cleaning tips and insights to help you stop germs spreading.

Prevent Germs from Entering at the Start

When possible, make your home germ-free. This means that you should wash your hands every time you return home. A sanitization station can be set up by families near the front door. It can contain hand sanitizers, face masks, and disinfectant wipes. This can be shared with guests.

You can also quarantine the items that are causing germs in your home. Shoes, school bags, purses, and similar items should be kept in a designated area near the entrance. Homer suggests that you embrace evening wear and comfort as much as possible. You should change into new clothes or pajamas once you return home from work. This will ensure that germs are not spread throughout your home by avoiding contaminated clothing.

High-Touch Surfaces are Prioritized

High-touch surfaces should be cleaned first and foremost when cleaning your home. This applies to common items such as doorknobs, drawer handles and faucet handles, remote controls, kitchen countertops, and other small appliances. To prevent germs spreading to other family members or items in the home, these surfaces should be cleaned as often as possible.

Placing disinfecting wipes at convenient places throughout your home is a great way to encourage regular cleaning. Everyone can take responsibility for cleaning high-touch items, and clean up any traces of dirt.

Get the Right Products

Safety is paramount, so it’s crucial to use cleaning products that kill germs. All-purpose cleaners that disinfect are a great way to save time and avoid double the work. Capital Cleaning is a great way to save time and reduce stress. Our cleaners arrive safely at your home and are equipped with high-quality cleaning products so that you can disinfect and clean up as quickly as possible.

Color Code Cleaning Products to Avoid Cross-Contamination

It is easy to identify which cleaning products are best for what surfaces or rooms by using color-coding. To avoid spreading germs from the bathroom to your kitchen counters, you should use different colors of sponges and rags for each room. You can also get your children involved in small cleaning chores by using their favorite colors.

Professional Cleaning Services

Capital Cleaning is a professional cleaning service that can help you keep your home clean, safe and free from germs. We are committed to the safety and health of our customers and take every precaution to make sure we provide the best cleaning possible.

Each clean is done with fresh, disinfected supplies. Capital Cleaning employees are screened daily for signs and symptoms of illness. Capital Cleaning staff cleans your home before they enter it. They use hospital-grade cleaning products on highly-touch surfaces, and follow a particular cleaning route. You can be assured of your safety throughout the service.

Residential cleaning can be a powerful tool to prevent the spread of COVID-19, flu, and other viruses. These tips will help individuals feel more comfortable and secure in their homes, knowing they are taking precautions to protect their family against harmful bacteria.

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